What is impermeable bedding?

Over the years, impermeable bedding has become prevalent in many industries. For example, products like B-Sensible impermeable bedding show up in hotels, hospitals, and even apartments. Why has this bedding type become so popular? Well, there are many benefits to using it! Examining a few of these advantages should help one decide if impermeable bedding is the best option.

What is Impermeable Bedding?

Impermeable bedding includes sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and blankets with impermeable materials. It’s helpful to also have a good understanding of what impermeable means. This means that the material doesn’t absorb liquids or allow bacteria to develop. In a sense, it’s protected against many common bedding problems.

The materials used vary, depending on the bedding that is bought. For instance, some use zinc oxide, which helps destroy bacteria. Others use high-quality materials that prevent absorption and keeps the bedding strong.

How Does It Help?

Most impermeable bedding is used for allergy management and protection from everyday contaminants. The materials in this bedding include ingredients that stop bacteria growth and eliminate dust mites, which will reduce the chances of allergies flaring up. Furthermore, impermeable bedding helps protect against any potentially damaging item. For example, it carefully manages bed-wetting situations. This protection might be essential for parents since, according to Mayo Clinic, 15% of kids at age five still wet the bed.

Who Needs It?

Anybody with serious allergies might find B-Sensible impermeable bedding a wise investment. It helps prevent bacteria growth that could easily trigger allergies. However, parents may also want impermeable bedding for their little ones. Keep in mind that letting a child sleep in their urine at night may be emotionally and physically harmful. Impermeable bedding can keep them safe.

We also suggest it for anybody running a medical facility, such as a hospital, pediatric center, or emergency room, as this type of bedding will be exposed to many, many contaminants. Impermeable bedding minimizes the risk of contamination and helps prevent disease spread.

The many benefits of B-Sensible impermeable bedding and other similar products make it a smart investment. Are you interested in investing in these products? Please contact BSensible today to learn more! We are happy to help our customers determine the most optimal impermeable bedding option.

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