What You Need to Know About Bulimia

One of the most common eating disorders is bulimia nervosa, which affects at least 1% of the entire population, according to the video. This condition develops when someone eats large quantities of food at once, getting the impression that they cannot stop eating. In order to offset the food that was consumed, these individuals will cause themselves to vomit frequently, take advantage of laxatives and diuretic water pills, and skip future meals. Some will even take on excessive exercise.

Those who don’t seek treatment for this condition will find that they can get severe heart damage from these actions, there could be long-term esophagus damage from vomiting, and others may move to suicide over time.

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This disease has the potential to be lifelong and the signs will start to show over time if someone experiences this condition.

The best way to treat this is with bulimia treatment programs that focus on battling the condition. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on eating patterns and managing emotions for those who are going through this. Being able to do a reset on the body will help how those affected see food and how that relates to their emotion. There is also work to be done on self-image so that they can move forward with the treatment in a positive way.

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